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Hallo Kristian
ich habe solche Erfahrung 
"Open discussion of throwing topics" <werfertreffen w axtwerfen.de> napisał(a): 
 > If one is able to throw (anything) while sitting in a chair,
one is able to learn throw knives.

I believe wheel chair is able to use as give even more power to the throw.
Much like one does with step(s) when throwing...

I´m sure there is many throwers in states who can help here.
Throwdini for sure!


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> Francais dessous
> Hi throwers,
> I've been contacted by an author who is looking for information on
> throwing knives while sitting in a (wheel-)chair. If anybody has
> experience or information, please contact him (see his email below).
> Thank you,
> Christian Thiel
> -----------
> Hallo Werfer,
> mich hat ein Autor angeschrieben, der Informationen zum Messerwerfen im
> Sitzen sucht (fĂźr ein Buch Ăźber "Kampfkunst fĂźr Ăltere"). Wer da
> Erfahrung hat, kann sich ja mal bei ihm melden (Email unten).
> Dank und GruĂ
> Christian Thiel
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> Salut les lanceurs,
> j'ai ĂŠtĂŠ contactĂŠ par un auteur amĂŠricain qui cherche des infos sur le
> lancer de couteaux ĂŠtant assis. Si quelqu'un a des expĂŠriences avec ca,
> SVP, contactez lui (email dessous).
> Merci
> Christian Thiel
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> Subject: Throwing resources
> Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2011 09:12:55 -0600
> From: REV. ANTONIO HERNANDEZ <suriak w att.net>
> To: Christian Thiel
> Greetings,
> Your site is very good, comprehensive and simple. A great way for
> beginners to start right away with skilled training.
> I wish to ask if you know of any resources teaching knife-throwing from
> seated positions. I am preparing a book about my new martial art,
> designed for the elderly and disabled. While I do not train in knives
> because I am forbidden, I wish to privately train in knife-throwing for
> wheelchair-bound people. I am in a wheelchair now.
> When I taught martial arts I usually avoided weapons - but I do teach
> some bo and jo technique, some Kalaripayit sash-throwing, etc. What I
> need for my book is a resource that can assist with seated
> knife-throwing, which may also be useful with other objects such as
> small stones. As you may know, many Buddhist priests know how to use
> even the mala (rosary) as a self-defense technique, and I teach that also.
> Any help you may be bale to give would be happily and humbly appreciated,
> Buddha Bless You !
> éż ĺźĽ é ä˝ !
> Rev. Dr. E. A. Hernandez ( č éş éş )
> Chief Cleric of the Judaeo-Buddhist Order
> ( çś ĺ¤Ş ä˝ ç¨ )
> MOLINE IL 61265-1144
> U.S.A.
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