[Werfertreffen] Chomutov 2008

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Mo Okt 20 11:05:28 CEST 2008

Hello Christian,
How are things with you ? Well, I hope.
I've finally got round to finding time to looking at this email and  its 
contents. I'm just so busy since getting back from Austin,  Texas.
I found the report very enlightening. It's obvious that you're  having so 
much fun at these throws. I still feel  that throwing 5  knives at 5 targets is a 
better challenge, but everyone is entitled to his own  opinion eh ? 
I have made a plan, with Pierre Cazulat, to be at the throw in  Paris, next 
year. I really do want to come over  and see how you actually  throw a 
tournament. It's allright reading the rules but I want to experience it  !!
Talking about things in England, I have been hired to train an  actor to 
throw knives in a Shakespeare play, also been hired to throw an  African throwing 
knife for the History Channel, and , yesterday, I trained 12  Scout leaders to 
throw knives, with a view to them teaching Scouts, in  time.
I'm on a great adventure and I love it !! 
Regards from England,
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