[Werfertreffen] Werfertreffen Ebersbach Anfang Juni

Christian Thiel christian.eurothrowers at knifethrowing.info
Don Mar 16 22:18:57 CET 2006

Diesmal nur was über Treffen in England.
Cette fois, ca concerne des rencontres en Angleterre.

Hi John,
there is a company that organises axe thrower competitions in the UK, 
one in mid-May near London. They contacted me and I put their details on 
  my event calender
but they never replied when I contacted them vie email concerning some 
details. Keep me updated if any of you learns more!


ConejoMatar at aol.com schrieb:
> To all the British throwers on this list.
> -------------------------------------------------
> Has there ever been a British meet up over here ? I don't mean on an 
> International basis but on an informal basis. I really would like to 
> meet up with fellow throwers over here.
> Any response would be greatly appreciated,
> John