[Werfertreffen] Werfertreffen Ebersbach Anfang Juni

Maurer, Tomas Tomas.Maurer at wincor-nixdorf.com
Mit Mar 15 09:54:33 CET 2006

Dear Throwers

I like to invite you for a throving race Spring avard of Beaver city in Strážek in Czech republic.

Disciplines will be combats on distance 3,5m and aimed throwing in baloting distance from 4 to 11 meters.

Term of the race is 22.4.2006

For detailed informations you hesitate to contact me.

Tomas Maurer



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Thanks for the English version, Christian.


I had actually seen the flame knives on the US Throwers page. Very interseting.


To all the British throwers on this list.



Has there ever been a British meet up over here ? I don't mean on an International basis but on an informal basis. I really would like to meet up with fellow throwers over here.


Any response would be greatly appreciated,





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